Life in Brazil

5 Secrets to Avoiding Airport Taxi Scams in Rio de Janeiro

Rio's Santos Dumont Airport

Like in many other big cities, airport taxi scams are common in Rio de Janeiro. Do you know the best ways to avoid them? Source: See on – Life in Brazil

2014 World Cup

Terrific World Cup That Silenced The Cynics

fifa world cup 2014

Germany’s dramatic win, thanks to a stunning extra-time goal, was a fitting end to one of the greatest ever World Cups.


Well as the dust settles…the autopsy starts…and yes Brazil did host a great World Cup.

Revealed: Where 5million Brits live abroad

Official data from the United Nations reveals where people born in the UK have chosen to settle, with the numbers emigrating up 23 per cent since 1990.


2014 World Cup

World Cup Brazil 2014 – The Do’s & Don’ts

1/1 Once again our resident travel blogger, Maggie, is back with more tips for you! Maggie runs dedicated to providing help and advice on travelling or moving to Brazil Do’s 1. Do eat the street food. It is some of the best food in Brazil and it’s unbelievably cheap. TIP:…


Our latest guest post on

2014 World Cup Travel

Brazil Travel Guide

brasil 2014 man

Today’s Post is By Ella Moss…an intro to her “Brazil Travel Guide”. Brazil is one of the most popular locations in the world for ex. pats. and, with football being one of the most popular sports, transport within Brazil during the World Cup is expected to be packed. Whether you already live in Brazil or plan to read more »

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Bound for the Brazil World Cup? Tips to Save You Money – MyTravelMoney

world cup image

See on – Life in Brazil As the World Cup approaches we took it upon ourselves to speak with Maggie, a travel blogger heading to the World Cup. Maggie, like everyone else, wants to save as much money during the World Cup and has decided to share with us her money saving tips and read more »

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Learn Portuguese for the World Cup in Brazil

world cup image

See on – Life in Brazil‘s insight: Mindset Institute’s website makes it easy for tourists during the World Cup With thousands of tourists coming for the World Cup, Mindset Institute has made a special web page to help those who don’t speak Brazilian Portuguese. The hot site has a series a questions related to the World read more »

2014 World Cup

3 World Cup Tips


3 World Cup Tips written by guest writer Andre. The advertising campaigns for every World Cup are always huge. You can’t but a hamburger, a chocolate bar or open a newspaper without being reminded that the tournament is not only on, but in full flow. So will Brazil 2014 live up to the hype? The read more »

2014 World Cup

Fifa 14 World Cup Prices.

Pele ~ The King of Football

    I received a comment today on my post World Cup Rip off from a reader wishing to visit Brazil for the World Cup… “Wonderful website! In a nutshell, I’m from England and have about £3500 to spend on plane tickets, accommodation and food. I love South America – the people especially. I am read more »

A to Z Challenge

A to Z Reflections.

A-to-Z Reflection [2014]

I finished the A to Z but for many reasons I didn’t manage a reflections post till now…mainly a combination of working on our campsite for the upcoming World Cup and bad internet connection. Sadly the A to Z has been more problematic for me this year our internet connection hasn’t been great and images read more »

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