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Brazilian’s seem to love getting their nails done and I don’t just mean a simple manicure – they go full out! Fake nails, colourful designs, sequins, you name it!!

So I was window shopping in high-end Ipanema and came across this fantastic nail shop called – Pink Casa da Manicura


Pink casa rio nails


You can get your nails painted, manicured or decorated but you can also buy your own tools and varnish if you’re a more DIY person.

nail products rio


The sheer volume of nail varnish available is seriously impressive.

The shop is lined with polish, literally, full to the brim with different colours,

brands and types of nail varnish.

Nails in RIo
What struck me the most was the range in selection of products. The pots varied in price from just R$2 to almost R$35 so it has something for everyone and for any purpose.



rang of nail polish

I love nail varnish because I love colour and change so I bought 4 of the cheap pots

which were actually surprisingly good quality

( you need a couple of coats) they are nice and thin making it easy to apply which I

personally prefer.

edit 4

The girls (and guy!) working in the shop are super helpful and always happy to talk about the different products and deals they have going.

I actually bought the gold nail varnish the girl in the shop was wearing because it looked so good and original!

Pink Casa da Manicura – Boutique de Esmaltes is in Ipanema, Rua Visconde de Pirajá, 86 – Galeria – Loja 2

Telephone: 35968636

There are also 3 other branches – 2 in Madureira and 1 in Campo Grande


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